“Intercollegiate Athletics (at the U of I) is self supported and does not use state funds, taxpayer dollars, or university funds for our salary program.”
– Kent Brown, UI Athletic Department spokesperson

How many times have you heard that before? Have you ever wondered if it’s true?

It’s not.  And here are all the details.

THE MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR HEAD FAKE is the most in-depth and revealing investigation into the inner-finances of the University of Illinois, Urbana Athletic Department ever conducted.  Read it.  It’s in four parts.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

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Part One – “No Taxpayer Dollars For Coaches” At U OF I?  You May Be Surprised

Part Two – U of I Athletic Director Gets a Raise, Taxpayers Get a Bill

Part Three – The Athletic Fee That Isn’t There.  Except It Is

Part Four – Low Income Pays For Luxury



  • Champaign News Gazette
  • Illinois Public Media
  • Chicago Tribune (note: instead of actually writing about the series, the Tribune instead used the news about the series to write a criticism of the public pension system of Illinois, one of their favorite political tropes. Have to say I feel as though I was used by them.  They missed the point of the series entirely, instead just using it to reinforce one of their favorite narratives, just like Fox News.)


This series is dedicated to the memory of my two greatest teachers: Jerry Landay and Bob Reid.  I know they would be proud.

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